Massages & relaxation

Give yourself a moment of relaxation at the Relais de Roujan

Need a moment of relaxation? Thinking about yourself is essential when you escape for a WE or a week’s holiday. We offer massage sessions from 30 minutes to 1 hour which will be given on the spot. Know that you can also ask for a manicure, a facial treatment, an epilation, a laying of eyelashes… All these services are possible at home

Relaxing massage with essential oils

You will be massaged from head to toe in a rather gentle way with essential oils. The practitioner will also practice small pressures on certain points of acupuncture, to activate the benefits, which will give you a great feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

30 min sessions : 30 euros : Upper body
60 min sessions : 50 euros : Whole body

Hot Stone Massage

You will appreciate the benefits of massage with essential oils and the warmth of the stones that will relax you deeply in specific places of the body. The heated stones are placed along the meridians of the body. The heat thus diffused, will reduce the points of tension to bring a pleasant relaxation. The draining function of the heat makes it possible to evacuate the toxins. Hot stone massage allows total relaxation and effectively relieves muscle and joint pain.

45 min sessions : 50 euros

The Reconnective Care

This is an energy reconnection session, delivering you from any tension, providing you with an inner well-being and a great relaxation. This care is given to you by a gesture at a distance (without direct contact with the skin) using the vibratory field that surrounds us.These treatments bring you serenity and a feeling of well being. They literally release negative waves that disrupt your internal balance and rebalance you with the external vibratory field.Perfect to let go and regain an energy buried and momentarily extinguished.

45 min sessions : 50 euros

Treat yourself to the Relais de Roujan

During your stays you will be able to benefit from different services, it is better to book in advance because we call on external speakers.

Hairdressing at home

Onglerie at home

Facial care

Face care and make-up

Hand care

Hand care with varnish coating

Foot Care

Foot care with varnish coating